Why should I write?

I’m not a writer but I write.

My attitude towards writing has changed a lot over the past few years. I’m glad it’s evolved because it’s far more accepting and positive than it was before. In primary school, I hated nearly everything to do with writing. Writing stories, letters, diary entries – you name it. I didn’t like it. I found it boring (and probably difficult) so I never cared about improving it deliberately.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that writing is now my undying passion. I don’t wake up, jump out of my bed and thank Zeus that I have an opportunity to write. I can’t say I’ve found a passion for anything yet. However, that doesn’t prevent me from saying I’ve grown to appreciate writing much more.

Writing is important is because it improves your thinking. We go from a state of confusion to clarity when we write ideas down and change them. We share them with other people and makes sure that our ideas live longer than we could ever hope.

Mastery of the art is difficult. People put hours and hours into improving how their work reads, how their characters develop and how they present information. Sometimes you dislike the process because ideas aren’t appearing as quickly or the sentences read poorly or the perfect word eludes you. But looking back on the final draft on whatever we’ve done is almost relaxing.

We’ve shared our thoughts with other people instead of keeping them locked inside our heads.

I began thinking about this issue because I want to improve my writing. I find it amazing how some writers can approach important issues respectfully while remaining entertaining. Some news reports can change a person’s mind on an issue convincingly or just illuminate an area that we never considered. Academic books and articles can do the same, although they seem to have a limited audience due to the complexity. Retelling stories about places we’ve visited or things we’ve done give us permission to relive the memory. Even if we can’t get the words completely correct,

Writing is beautiful because our minds are. We can help others, inspire them, make them cry, make them laugh and give them the opportunity to learn.

I write because it lets me connect with other people and, perhaps most importantly, it helps me understand myself.

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