30 days to Polish and gratitude

It’s the beginning of November and I want to do a 30 day challenge. Of the current habits that I developed intentionally (they’re quite small – as they should be), progressing past the first month is the best part. Keeping it going for a week or two is too short and I don’t feel like much has changed if I break it.

The two things I want to start doing are learning Polish and being more grateful. Learning Polish is something that I’ve failed to do for the past few days (or months if you really want to be nit-picky about it). Being grateful is something I’ve been doing for quite sometime but I want to make it more purposeful so I stop dwelling on the negative parts of my day.

Polish – I’ll learn a few words each day. That’s the least I can do. I should be able to keep that up… I hope. Obviously, if time and energy permits I’ll do more but that’s a small, sustainable aim for now.

Gratitude – Being thankful for things throughout the day. A simple way of appreciating the good things. I actually started doing this as part of my meditation. It takes about 20 minutes. You start off by wishing good things will happen to you today and in the future, then you move onto a good friend, a person you dislike or hate (if you find it difficult to find someone like that, high five yourself silently. If not, I hope you let go of those emotions soon) then you pretend everyone is at a table together and wish good things to happen to everyone.

I’ll probably try to update every week about good things that have happened and hopefully someone else will be able to share a good thing that happened to them no matter how big or small it is.

Goodbye for now. Auf Wiedersehen und bis bald. Trzymajcie się.

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