I finally did it

Today we were taking pictures. I never liked looking at them because I thought I looked weird. My mum always told me the camera adds 10 pounds but it made my hair messy and stained my shirt. Today would be different because I was going to look like my dad in his pictures. Time to look the part.

I started to get dressed and made sure to button up my shirt properly. I checked it three times because I was always left with missing buttons somehow but it was correct this time. I was making progress and that’s all that matters.

But then came the most difficult part. My tie.

My dad always did it for me and once tried to teach me. It never really worked out because I was always ended up tying my hands together or not doing anything at all.

I held both ends of the tie in my hand, stood in front of the mirror and tried to recreate the magic. It was difficult but eventually I had something resembling a knotted tie.

I did it all by myself. This was the time I became a man.

Me. The manliest man of them all. I was extremely proud of myself. I ran downstairs  and showed my dad how I got dressed all by myself  with the biggest grin on my face. He started laughing then told my mum to look at me. She thought I looked amazing in my school uniform.

I was ready to take pictures. No one could ruin my hair or mess up my shoes because I was on top of the world.

That was truly exciting. School that day was special to me. It was the day I said goodbye to depending on my parents and hello to my first day as a man.

My next step is to grow a beard just like my dad.


This is a response to a prompt about excitement. I just wanted to post something since I haven’t been consistent with posting in the past two weeks. Sorry if it seems rushed or you now hate ties.

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