What is good health?

Good health is something we quickly take for granted.

We always see doctors, friends, family members and even adverts promoting exercise, healthy eating and good sleep. We also come across those who have been in unfortunate accidents or those who are born with disabilities that affect their lives everyday. But we never expect it to happen to us, do we? We may buy trainers and promise ourselves that we will go jogging or sign up for that gym membership one day.

But I’m healthy. What do I need to change?

Being healthy isn’t confined to being in the gym every waking hour of the day or trying diets that require you to starve yourself. To me, it involves trying to become the best versions of ourselves. Whether that is through meditating, improving our ability to write or even something as simple as going for a walk and spending some time alone.

Good health is important and we should always try to improve both the physical and mental. We never know when our health could be affected in an adverse way. I didn’t but it won’t stop me from being as healthy as I can.

What does health mean to you?


I liked this challenge because my health is partly why I wanted to try blogging. My physical health isn’t the best right now but instead of letting the pain and discomfort turn me into an extremely bitter person, I’m trying to improve all areas of my life now. I no longer take good health for granted.

7 thoughts on “What is good health?

  1. Good health is a balance, I think, between the physical and the mental. If this is in balance, then we are able to be effective in our lives and enjoy many activities.

  2. Good post, I agree that there are many contributors to health. It’s no coincidence that stress is can have such a harmful effect on our bodies. So a bit of fresh air and solitude is good advice!

    1. Especially since it seems like we exercise less now simply because we don’t see the need to. There are simple ways to try to combat stress and those are some of them.

      Thanks for reading :)

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