Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember

The clouds were dark and a soft breeze stroked the grass. Maybe it would rain. The weather was unpredictable but right now; it was perfect. I took a slow jog out of the changing room, heard the familiar cheer of my teammates behind me and the daunting stare of my coach greeted me at the top of the pitch. He never said much, but his general stance gave me an impression of fear, respect and comfort.

He wished our team luck and we went on our way to play one of the most important matches of the year.

It started as a high energy encounter. Both teams fought for that oval shaped ball as if their lives depended on it. There was blood, shouting from the small crowd of friends and parents, encouragement from friends. Most importantly, I was on top of the world. Running towards the try line with only winning on my mind gave me a feeling that I cannot replicate. I felt at peace despite being among so much destruction.

Peace among destruction. A wonderful state I have yet to experience again. One poor tackle made that so. I was left to watch the match on the sideline in pain as I struggled to walk again.

It took a few months to understand what had happened. But I’m reminded of it everyday. One of the most important matches of the year turned into the most significant match of my life.

I wasn’t to play the sport again.


I wasn’t expecting that to be my second post but it was an interesting challenge. You can get a lot done in ten minutes! Do you have any important memories you want to share?

Here is a link to the challenge.

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